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Maria Watt

Maria Watt

Pickering, ON


Commencing in 2006, I opened my own Graphic Design business called Pro-Creations Enterprises. It has been a pleasure working with so many wonderful spirits that it makes it easy to create and share amazing pieces of art with everyone and anyone who wishes to look. In turn I have received a gift of great appreciation, inspiration and imagination, which is a blessing to use in this field I have chosen. I live to create and I create to live! I am in awe of some of the great artists that broke the mold. Van Gogh with his bold masses of brilliant colour and intense brush strokes that characterize his style. Monet with his impressionism, Dali with his surrealism and Picasso with his Cubism. I sat wanting an "ism" of my own. After thousands of what I thought were failures, turned out to be all hidden successes. My journey has made me into a well-diversed artist and Magissimo Prints are to me my masterpieces. I love being able to mix different mediums and watch their interactions with each other. I searched for a way to bridge the gap between past and present technology. I wanted to be able to work with all my passions, so I took my acrylic works (good and bad ones), and re-birthed them with my other passion of digital technology. They all turned out clean and polished pieces of digital design, but with all the rough texture and brush strokes that I created with my hands with the acrylics. As I shared my prints with others, I discovered that everyone saw something different that emerged out of them. This was a magical moment and thus the word "Magissimo" was born. I learned that the term magic means a performing art that entertains an audience by creating illusions and it was derived from the Latin word magi. Personally, they reminded me of a mandala, which means circle in the Indian language of Sanskrit, but a mandala is far more than a simple shape. It is a cosmic diagram that reminds us of our relation to the infinite and a world that extends both beyond and within our bodies and minds.

As you peruse these prints alone or with a friend, escape and discover places and things you never thought you could imagine. Look once and you may see an owl or a goat. Look again and perhaps a fairy or Norse Viking who will whisk you off to a far away adventure. The deeper you look, the more your imagination stirs as it takes you into a magical new world.

Once you are attracted to a particular print, you will then be drawn in to discover a new life force. One in which was created when my two worlds collided.

In addition, to my Magissimo Prints, I have created Tailored Sounds, these are whimsical musical characters made out of musical notes from Treble Clefs to trills and sharps and everything in between. Stroll, slide or rock-on with each illustration as it will take you down memory lane of song and dance starting with the 1921 Can Can up to present day hip hop. A must have for anyone who loves dance or music!

A quote I live by: "I am certain of nothing, but the holiness of the heart's affections and the truth of the imagination." John Keats


Acrylic Paintings


Magissimo Prints-Out of Africa

Fractals & Nature

Al Payne Oils on Canvas

Magissimo Prints - Abstract

Magissimo Prints - Dream Catchers

Magissimo Prints - Crosses

Magissimo Prints - Snowflakes

Magissimo Prints - Baseball

Magissimo Prints - Music

Tailored Sounds